Mike Colón Seven Workshop II | Las Vegas 2011

When you have an opportunity to learn from one of the most talented wedding photographers in the industry, you should do it.  I took a 6am flight to Las Vegas so I can attend Mike’s Seven Workshop.  Mike’s Seven Workshop concentrates on the following topics in wedding photography,

Exposure, Style & Post Production, Marketing, Pricing, Selling, Products and Portfolio. The day began and ended  at The Signature Hotel where we broke out of the classroom before sundown and drove off to Downtown Las Vegas for a photo shoot.

You’ll learn about Mike’s experience in the industry and apply that knowledge for yourselves. You even learn how to correctly take a big chomp on apples!  Don’t take his apple chomping challenge because you may lose!   I had bought his DVD’s about 1.5 years ago, so it was fun to finally meet him in person .  You can see his passion for photography in his work and in his teaching abilities which is really inspiring.  After meeting Mike in person, the first thing I started thinking about was, “not only is this guy wise and a great photographer, this guy is taller than I thought.” 🙂

It was so great to meet Kat Harris, Mike’s assistant.  After email exchange and phone conversation, she sold me into registering for Mike’s workshop.  At the same time, thanks to my wife for telling me to just go ahead and do the workshop or else I would regret it.  🙂  I also got to meet Gavin and Erin Wade for the first time, a day before their Desert shoot(see my next post)!

This was an exciting day for me.  Meeting Kat Harris, Gavin and Erin Wade, the other talented photographers attending this workshop, and of course Mike Colón.  It was also an extra bonus to shoot with Mike 2 days in a row (again, see my next post)!  This was a great first workshop experience and awesome kickoff to the WPPI weekend for me.

Also thank you to the great models at the photo shoot, Kate and John Colosi!

Below are a few favs from the shoot.   Hope you Enjoy!

Models: Kate & John Colosi

Mike’s Seven Workshop Sponsors:

  • Pixel2Canvas
  • Leather Craftsmen
  • Lexar
  • Kelly Moore Bag
  • Tamrac
  • UNO by Lauren Clark
  • Get it Together by Millie Holloman
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